Smartphone Training Course

Smartphone Training Course

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Smartphone Training Course

Merient Infotech provide Smartphone training on how to use a smartphone in Rohtak (Haryana). Today, Smartphone (Android) is playing an important role in our life. We use it daily for calls, photos, videos, games or music. If you are new to the smartphone, you can learn by joining our course.

रोहतक (हरियाणा) में स्मार्टफोन का उपयोग सीखें !!

We have special classes for parents as well. Today, parents are also started using smartphone but they do not know how it works. Sometimes children do not have time to train parents. We help them how to make calls or click pictures using android smartphone. We use simple language so that parents can understand easily.

Course Fees

INR 1000

per month

Fees & Duration may vary depending upon Basic & Advanced Course Selection.

Our android smartphone course covers phone calls, typing messages, camera, gallery, WhatsApp, Facebook, video calls, Internet, online payment, Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, notes, music player, video player, and games. With this course, you will be able to use the smartphone for daily use or your small office work.

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Smartphone course duration can vary from 1 month to 3 months depending upon the speed of learner. Our smartphone course syllabus and topic selection can change with the student’s requirement.