C Language Training Course

C Language Training Course

Merient Infotech offers C Language training classes in Rohtak (Haryana).

C Programming Language is foundation for software development & programming languages. You should learn C programming before learning any other programming language.

The popularity of C is because it has excellent features. Our C Language training course includes programming fundamentals such as Data Types, Variables, Arrays, Pointers, Control-Flow Statements, Operators, Arithmetic Expressions, and many more. The syllabus of C Language course can be modified as per the student’s requirement as well.

Once you learn C programming, you can find career in application development such as creation of compilers, games, operating systems, and editors. Our trainer provides quality C & C++ training, so that student will be able to achieve their career goals confidently.

At Merient, we mainly focus on the practical part, so that student learn core principal of programming. This will also help you learn any other programming language (PHP, Java, ASP.net) in the future.

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C is considered most important subject for CS & IT students who pursue B.Tech | Diploma | MSc | BCA | MCA. We make sure that every student learns C programming so that he can build strong programming foundation. Now, Join Best C coaching institute in Rohtak and learn from the industry experts.

Course Highlights

  • Free Demo Class
  • Flexible Timings
  • Job Assistance
  • 50Assignments
  • Online Study Material
  • Live Project Exposure

What you will become:

  • Application Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Programmer

C Language Coaching Syllabus:

C Programming Basics
  • C Introduction, History and Scope
  • C Environment Setup
  • C printf & scanf statements
  • C Variables and Data types
  • C Operators
  • C Conditional Statements
  • C if-else and switch
  • C Loops
  • C while loop, do-while loop and for loop
  • C Jump Statements
  • C break, continue, exit and goto statements
  • C Pointer
  • C Pointers and Pointer Arithmetic
  • C Function
  • What is function?
  • C call: value & refrence
  • C recursion
  • C Array
  • C 1-D Array and 2-D Array
  • C Array to fcuntion
  • C String
  • C String and String Functions
  • C Structure and union
  • C Structure
  • C Union
  • C File Handling
  • C File Create, Read and Close
  • C Dynamic Memory
  • C malloc(), calloc(), realooc() and free()
  • Student can get detail syllabus in Demo Class

    Bestest of best Merient training institute . They are not working for getting business but for helping students in shaping their career.They are always ready to help students and solve the queries. I am also glad to have a coaching on web desiging, c, c++.

    Neha Jindal - Web Designing Student

    this is very best place for learning website design and development course like PHP, CSS, JAVA, C & C++, HTML, AND MANY MORE COURSE IN VERY AFFORDABLE FEES ......PLEASE VISITE ASLIST ONE TIME.....

    Santosh Rao - PHP Student

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