HTML & CSS (Web Designing) Training

HTML & CSS (Web Designing) Training

HTML & CSS (Web Designing) Training

Merient Infotech offers HTML Training and Website Designing Course in Rohtak (Haryana).

HTML Training course will enable you learn Web designing using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3. This course help students to secure a good job in information technology. You can also learn how to create a website for your own hobby or business as well.

Merient Infotech provides a great opportunity by offering quality education in Rohtak City. This training course is prepared by expert professionals having more than 9-year experience in web designing & development. All our HTML Training sessions focus on practical which makes it easy to learn for beginners as well.

HTML stands for “HyperText Markup Language” and it is the core language for website designing. HTML Course includes various basic and advanced concepts such as HTML formatting Tags, attributes, styles, forms, tables, frames, audios, videos, graphics & layouts.

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Whether you are a college student or an IT professional, this HTML Training will help you to make your future bright. We frequently update our course syllabus as per the current industry requirement. The syllabus can be modified as per the student’s requirement as well.