Partner & Projects

Partner & Projects

Merient Infotech consistently work to provide more value for students. Therefore, we are adding more tools to our portfolio that are valuable for students.

We are connecting with other brands as a partner so that we can provide more resources for learning. Additionally, Merient team is working on a number of projects & tools to assist our students.

In this article we will share our projects and partner brands.

Tutorials Class

We are proud to partner with Tutorials Class which is one of the popular websites for online tutorials, exercises, codes, and interview questions. There are more than 100000 users visit on the website every year from different countries.

Merient Infotech offers study material for students via Tutorials Class. You can visit the website:

Tutorials Class Portal

This is one stop portal to learn online about different web technologies, preparing for an interview and enhancing your technical skills.


SIGN Infotech offers website development and digital marketing solutions in India as well as other countries. They also provides professional and industrial training courses in Delhi.

Sign Infotech is our services and training partners to serve our customers in Delhi/NCR. As we are connected with reputed organizations like Sign Infotech, we bring quality training in Rohtak that otherwise, students get in Delhi/NCR.

Therefore, before visiting Delhi for IT Training courses, you must try our Free Demo Class. You will find that we may even serve you better than many institutes located in Delhi.

Sign Infotech is our Services & Training partners in Delhi.

Digital Rohtak

Digital Rohtak is our local partner for Rohtak City. This is an all-in-one portal to provide a list of business places and other information about Rohtak. You can see this as a local search engine for Rohtak to bring people and services online.

We are an exclusive partner for the brand to promote Digital Marketing courses in Rohtak city.

Digital Rohtak is our Local and Digital Partner in Rohtak City.

We are working on a few more projects and brands such as Quotes Player, WebsiteShip, ListOnTop etc.

If you want to know more about our partners, portfolio or projects, feel free to contact us.

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